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You would probably do all you could to steal absent airline X’s and airline Y’s passengers during the day and after that meet airline X’s and airline Y’s people right after do the job for your softball recreation and a few beers. Thank you a great deal for sharing This great site with we former airline folks.

Wonderful examine a great deal of Airways I function with or flew on you probably did overlook Westernpacific Airways which commenced away from Colorado springs and experienced the Simpsons on 1 of their aircraft. Like to learn mopre regarding your site

I labored for PanAm for 35 several years at JFK in passenger service. For a while, I feel over the ’70s, Pan Am was the managing agent for Altair Airlines which was a commuter airline which served the northeast.

I used to be pleased to check out a commenter on in this article through the identify of Bob Hardisty, a Captain with CO. I used to be with CO for 23 yrs……loved each and every minute of it. CO experienced a program through which a member of administration was on board the A/C.

went away from organization when an EX Air VP allegedy bought progress scheduling data to ANE which subsequently moved their departure schedules up by ten mins/ EXair flew twin otters mostly and likewise experienced Beech ninety nine’s as well as a Hansa Jet useful for charters. ANE was Started by a previous

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and at the tip we survive. We have been similar to a family members and our ID is identified all over the world. – Go to simply click Mario Mayorga over a mission.

AirCal didn't cease operations, it was ordered entire by AAL, and as being a make a difference of fact, was requested to stop employing pilots only a few months ahead of the official consider-around by AAL.

I want to right that …. Central did not file bankruptcy … Central was ordered and merged with Frontier Airways in 1967.

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Kiwi was Started by a group of Japanese Air Lines staff members who cashed out their pension cash by having lump sum payments then invested that money to uncovered Kiwi. Sadly, the collapse of Kiwi took with it what tiny These workers had to indicate for their time at Japanese.

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